Technology: Future of Gambling


Gambling one of the oldest habits of humanity which still hangs on to too many of us. Tiles having indications of a likely chance game was first found in China dating back as far as 2,300 BC. Researchers were successful in recovering the oldest know dice till date from Egypt. Pottery scenes too from Greek, as well as Roman artefacts, depicts people having wagers on animal fights. 

Gambling house in China way had been operating with the authorization given by the governor with part of the profits being collected by the governor as tax. China is also stated as the pioneers of usage of playing cards dating as back as the 9th century.

First casinos having somewhat of a resemblance to current age casinos can be dated as far back as the 17th century Europe. The Ridotto located in Venice was one of the first to be established in 1638 is one the first to meet the modern definition of a casino.

The first so-called online casino was established in Antigua and Barbuda after clearing the Free Trade & Processing Act. In the year 1999 multiplayer online gaming made its big debut. Live dealer casinos started showing up in around 2003 and happen to be quite ubiquitous these days.

Future Waited for Gambling:

The rate of advancement at present is faster than before and technology seems to be improving at an exponential rate. The onset of virtual reality, the blockchain and AI happens to a few resources so as to name a few that seem to be a core interest of current casino developers when they question themselves of taking gambling to the next level?


Virtual reality implemented casinos are taking baby steps but are on the rise to bring more detailed and enriching experience to the comfort of one’s home.

The technology though limited today can be expected to keep improving over time and maybe soon enough enable us to have a more lifelike experience.


AR is currently being used in the analysis of consumer preferences and is also helpful in improving recommendations and bonuses. Currently being used for customer support. And also fasten the resolution of troubling issues and get people playing again asap. AR can also be credited to stop cheaters and fraudsters and combat addiction by adding cooldown.

One may say that the future sure does look bright for gaming with embedded technology.


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