Television screens now crowded with bugs and snipes!


You can run but you cannot hide! You are never far away from an ad while watching TV. A relatively new concept of on screen ads hits the TV channels evoking a mixed response from viewers!

You are in the middle of a cricket match on your 32 inch LED and you have just witnessed an amazing catch deep in the field. You know you’ll get to watch it again during the replay and at the time of the replay, suddenly the display shrinks only to provide you a glimpse of an endorsement! How frustrating! Well bugs (Logos of the cable/DTH providers on screen) may not be that much a pain, however Snipes or on screen pop up ads sure do cause some trouble to the eye!

And it’s not just cricket! You see them everywhere now – movies, music channels, prime time soaps, reality shows; basically wherever there is an opportunity to endorse your brand! Now, marketers wouldn’t mind making full use of this new trend in Indian Television.  Let’s take the case of this year’s IPL.  The finals had the highest TVR of 9.68 among all channels in 2012. Also, as per reports, Vodafone seems to have made the best advantage from on screen ads in this year’s IPL. (See article on IPL – Heaven for Telecom Cos.) Not just Vodafone, there are made marketers who have gained great mileage from On Screen Ads or Snipes!

Indian marketers are constantly looking at ways at improving their communication strategies in order to spread the word at the most efficient manner. In TV channels, first there were the ads during the breaks, which had its own disadvantages particularly when the view used a remote control to flip channels! Now, there is no escaping, they have come to haunt you even while you watch your favourite serial or movie.

Well there’s no getting away from ads – one way or the other the message will reach you and this time it’s through Snipes! Are you the type of viewer who likes watching ads – then you’ll be happy with the new trend. As for the others write to us and share your views as well!


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