The Demand for Brand Content Grows


The booming rates of media advertising are now taking a toll on the brands and the advertisers.  The modern era and the people demand something more than perfection and something extra all the time.  This has left the advertisers with no option but adopt new methods of advertising.  Brand content is a new way of introducing and launching a product and is more effective than the traditional forms of advertising with number of tag lines.  Brand Content certainly reaches the masses faster and may prove successful only if it is done carefully. The products are usually introduced at mega events like Cannes film festival or even in between the films, video-games etc in the form of a short-film. 

Malcolm Hanlon, the Chief Operating Officer at ZenithOptimedia and Ben Flint, Head of Asia-Pacific, Omnicom’s Fuse have several points in favor of Brand Content.  They reveal that the investments in Brand Content has gone high in the region by 13 per cent in 2011 and expected to grow 122 per cent in the next three years. This allure is not restricted only to this region and is certainly a global phenomenon.  Reports from Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) shows that around 39 per cent of the US companies are more likely to invest in Brand Content in 2012 compared to the previous year.  In the UK, it is over £1 billion.

Present day world is more of a digital forum and advertising also needs a digital back-bone.  The reports reveal the number of tweets for a specific YouTube link.  The Asian region is a bit complicated with each country having their do’s and don’t s for Brand Content. The Brand Content for this region needs to be carefully constructed to draw people’s attention.

A TV series directed by Polident of Malaysia has been short-listed for the WARC prize for Asian Strategy.  It was an exclusive travel guide of what must be done in Asia by Tiger Beer. The other outstanding works are “Unbeatable” and “Stuff girls do not say” etc.

Brand Content is all about providing the consumer with entertainment, education and experience.  The most successful Brand Content is something more than advertising. It is definitely reach the people seamlessly and transparently just in a story-telling mode.   It is more of delivering a brand story rather than just revealing an insensible gimmick. Evolving a Brand Content with a high success rate certainly involves the creativity content.  Brand Content is sure to value the integrity and trust of the customers.  When there are new avenues to explore why stick to the same old aspects with unrewarding results.


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