The effect of AI-based personalization in 2020

  • AI-powered personalization to help brands get a loyal pool of engaged customers
  • Marketers must concentrate on the microelements of content
  • AI algorithms help retarget customers
  • Sharing personalized mobile content based on real-time events
  • Study customer sentiment to create unique audiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an imperative role in the marketing industry. Personalization powered by Artificial Intelligence will lead to a deeper understanding of the customers’ needs and helps in engaging a pool of loyal customers. It is not very surprising to know that in 2020, the global volume of consumer data flowing across the internet is expected to be 212 exabytes per month.

AI personalization helps in categorizing the data of consumers and by analysing this data valuable insights are extracted to meet the customer requirements before they even ask. The data includes information related to customer transactions, expenditure, digital behaviour of the customers on the website or, app of the respective brands.

So, the challenge is to give the customer the most relevant content as it will help marketers in getting more organic users.  But the company must go behind AI only after having a deeper understanding of company’s requirements and how it will benefit the customer. Nowadays many customers expect personalized services and want promotion/offers according to their needs. And this can be done by the company with the help of AI that collects data of consumers from multiple channels and identifying actionable trends.

Marketers must concentrate on the micro elements of the content to collect and analyse the reaction of the customers. AI can help in this by giving subject line mails, greetings etc. to personalize conversation. AI personalization engine retarget ads by analysing the visitor’s behaviour in browsing products, clicking links, adding/removing different items from the cart etc. The customers using your mobile apps are ready for conversion and AI could help them by detecting their behaviour, giving relevant information like the availability of the products of their interest etc.

Also, sentiment analytics by Natural Language Processing gives insights that help create a unique audience for your social media campaign. By realising all the advantages of Artificial intelligence powered personalization, it is very clear that the result of this will be exceptional.


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