The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility


The practice of Corporate Social Responsibility is a paradigm for business firms and has its roots dated back to the 20th century. It has now become a fashion statement for so many firms and businesses. But more than fashion, it is a requirement in today’s businesses. It is time that companies look beyond profits in this current day environment. The corporate have bigger responsibilities and roles to play in the present scenario.

Corporate Social Responsibility is necessary for a good business sense. The corporate sectors must remain in better terms with their environment for better benefits. The evolution of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility dates back to 1950s but it was taken seriously as a concept only in the 1970s. There was a rapacious behavior of businesses and people thought it must be checked and wanted the social responsibility to be maintained. The concept of corporate social responsibility has brought about a change in behavior among the corporate businesses. The current day businesses place emphasis on their social behavior and stay good at least with an intention to attract customers and capture big markets. Rampant behavior is not going to help businesses in today’s market conditions.

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