The Joy of Big Fat Indian Weddings with Luxury Makers


Indian weddings are known for their extravagance and now the luxury goods makers are finding an opportunity to boost their sales in the fat Indian weddings. It is seen that sales of good are too high in wedding and festive seasons as the custom of gifting is still alive.

Brands now approach the dealers with their bulk orders and with special offers in their retail pricing. The wedding planners and creative director of the Genesis group approve the fact. Genesis is a company which sells top brands like Paul Smith, Armani, Bottega Venetta, Canali and Jimmy Choo inIndia. The company gets bulk orders for hosts of these brands.

Big gifts and luxury items have become the pride of Indian Weddings. It is a showcase of ego of the people with big pockets. A luxury gift for the guests at a Mehendi function means a lot more than the wedding itself.

Some hosts buy Dior-goodie bags for their guests in a pre-wedding function and some with expensive food hampers from Harrods. Extravagance and luxury in Indian weddings are nothing new but now the brands are trying to make a good market out of it. This long list of takeaway goodies also includes expensive liquor. Hosts seem to order blended whiskey bottles with names of their guests inscribed on them. The cost of whiskies gifted by the hosts is as high as Rs.15, 000.

When there is a lot done to show case the Porsche life and habits of rich Indians, there is also a big threat coming in. The entry of International brands like Dior, Gucci are going to affect the domestic players to great extent. This is going to tamper their chances and deny their shares in these fat weddings especially accessories and menswear segments.

A bride needs loads of things on her D-day and it does not just stop with Saris or Lehengas. Christian Louboutin, the French footwear and bags brand has launched special bridal footwears which are in great demand all over the world and their sale inIndiais just amazing. Men can just opt for an International brand Suit and Jacket and get comfortable in it. After all this analysis will anyone callIndiaa poor country??




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