Third quarter of 2012 lucky for Samsung


Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant has widened its sales share in the third quarter of 2012. The global sales market of the company almost tripled, even while Apple remained the top vendor. Samsung has increased its shipment by 300 per cent and a market share up to 18.43 per cent in the third quarter of 2012. It is to be noted that the company had a market share of only 6.4 per cent a year ago.

The South Korean company manufactures mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, cameras etc. The company is very active in the market and is a fierce competitor to other companies. Samsung gadgets are known for its uniqueness, style and quality. The company reaps most of its profits from the smartphone sales. Samsung smartphones continues to dominate the market and the company emerged a top leader in smartphone sales dethroning the Finnish mobile giant, Nokia.

No wonder that Samsung’s Global Market has increased three fold when the company is bringing in new gadgets every now and then. The gadgets are made out of sophisticated technologies. The recent survey shows over 500 Samsung mobiles are sold at the global level every minute. The company has sold about 63 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2012. Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note II are widely sold with their sales numbers showing 15 and 8 million.  Galaxy SIII was a popular device in US compared to Apple’s iPhone 4S in the third quarter of 2012. Samsung is also confident about increasing its smartphone market by 35 per cent compared to Apple. The mobile manufacturer earned about $8.1 billion (RS. 446,800,000/- approx) profit from its third quarter mobile sales.

The company is not a leader only in smartphones but also in other gadgets too. Samsung has recently unveiled a giant 85-inch UHDTV in the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 and also a series of SMART CAMERA’s with high-end technology. The company is also planning to come out with 95-inch and110-inch UHDTV’s before the close of this year. These UHD monsters are almost six times huge than normal television sets. Samsung is also trying to woo its users by incorporating new technologies in SMART CAMERA and bringing it out in attractive colors. The company has also launched Garnet Red and Sapphire Black colors of Galaxy S3. Samsung’s Global Market is sure to see an uptrend with the company doing so much in the market and there is nothing which can stop it.



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