Tips for management graduates interested in Marketing


Aspiring to take the business world by storm when you graduate? Well, there’s a lot more that you actually need to know before you enter the fiercely competitive, dog-eat-dog world of marketing.  Top-notch business schools which simulate real company projects will not equip you with the skills you need as a marketer.  You need to be accountable to real people while managing real money and pouring your energy into real projects. Recruiters these days aren’t exactly balled over by internships done under some big company name if all you did there was answering phones.  How you added value during your internship there is what counts.  Learn to take constructive criticism for what it is.  Getting emotional every time an irate customer loses his cool or your boss’s temper flares up would end your career sooner than you think.  Build on your network of contacts because you don’t want to lose the opportunity to befriend an enterprising fresher if he’s going to be your right-hand man someday.

Read how you can benefit from the 20 things Every Graduating Marketing Students need to know


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