Top Banned Commercials in India


Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), a self-regulated advertiser group, sets guidelines for advertisements in India and it bans all those ads which do not conform to the standards laid out by them. For example regarding one of them being “Advertising should not communicate any discrimination as a result of skin color,” and the expression of the model in the ads should not be “negative in a way which is widely seen as unattractive, unhappy, depressed or concerned.”

Even though ASCI has guidelines, in spite of that different brands come out with advertisements that are highly controversial. Passionate in Marketing takes a look at the some of the banned commercials in India. These advertisements though created a impact in the market, later it had to be withdrawn due to brickbats it received from the media and public.

Durex Dream

Funny Banned Pepsi Commercial ( Indian Does An Elephant Tower )

Zatak Talc TV Commercial

Virgin Mobile

Maxima Watches


Banned Commercial Peugeot 206

Amul Macho Undergarments


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