Top Sales Trends 2012!


It feels great and proud when I think how as a sales person I survived the two year recession and another two year as what we call as recovery years.  But what feels me sorry is that still our companies do not realize the efforts of right marketing and the new trends that can change the game for them. They are still sitting on the top of their cash reserves and planning for new ways to  save cost!!!

And as a result frustrated and educated customers are postponing their purchases. It is high time that companies realize that time has come to stop taking toll on the consumers. These third generation consumers are now more educated than before. They are smart enough to make us meet them on their terms and conditions.

You don’t need to pack your bags and move…just have the patience my folks. Passionate in Marketing has brought down top sales trends exclusively for sales guys.  Check which sales trend can add that feather to your hat like you earned one when Lehman said they collapsed.

  1. Inside sales to change the force. Sales within the organizations are likely to pick up through 2012 which will drive the sales outside the field.
  2. Live conversations. Try it out; live conversations over phone can bring the change.
  3. Connect to Linkedln:  With every two minutes new corporate users, Linkedln is the best platform to find new corporate prospect.
  4. Stay alert. As I mentioned earlier, 3Y generation customers can throw you away. So don’t hesitate to change your game plan when required. Stay alert!
  5. Mobilize on cell: what waiting for??? Capitalize on the increasing usage of smartphones and tablets by consumers. By 2015 mobile will be the primary medium to speak to your customers.
  6. Use Social media: Mobile and emails are not enough..sell yourself through social media sites. Remember, social media is (I think already!! )the next big “thing” in marketing.
  7. Go for Video marketing: According to some latest research reports, by 2020, more than 60% of selling will take place through video s. People are likely to connect themselves to products more by watching video.
  8. Go virtual: Virtual proximity beats geographic and demographic disparity. Work virtually to access large customer base.
  9. Stop waiting and act: stop waiting for your boss to build a marketing tool and build your own kit. Remember how that had helped you during recession. But make sure you include the contents that address different consumer base.
  10. Build a training infrastructure: This is for the company guys.  Train your sales guys on how to pitch sales periodically.

Watch out for these trends sales teams around the world! Also feel  free to add your comments on anything we would have missed out from discussing here.


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