Top trends in social media marketing!


Half way into 2012, Social Media has by now changed many lives in a big way. The corporate world also hasn’t left itself behind in getting into the social media world!  Social media websites have already drawn millions of users world-wide and the numbers keep multiplying. But what’s in store for all in this ever increasing online world?! Let’s find out.

Search Engine Integration – Now when you search on the web you will be able to see content from social network sites, blogs , user generated reviews which will enable more real time information .

E- Commerce Integration – Various online firms will now enable you to use credits from social work sites to buy products!

Service Integration – More and more companies are now are leveraging on social media as a tool to provide customer service owning to a large audience reach quickly and cost efficiently.

B2B Integration – A lot of B2B players are taking the social media route, preferably linked in after recognizing its advantages!

Communications Integrations – Almost every company has its own Facebook or/and Linked In page. With new concepts like Sponsored stories (Hyperlinked to hit article on Sponsored Stories) coming into the picture communications on the web is an all new ball game now!

Feedback Integration – More and more companies will include user ratings and reviews on their website since a lot of purchase decisions nowadays, are based on these reviews and ratings about the company.

Now, these were some of the major trends we are seeing and will also get to see in the near future in the Social Media world. Internet usage has gone up big time and has now extended to even mobile phones and so everyone’s eyes will be on social networking sites, whether they are individuals or corporates.



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