Traceability System to know what goes inside your favorite McDonald India Burgers


Ever wondered why the hamburgers in McDonald’s taste the same everywhere in the world? That is the specialty of Mc Donald’s and they keep their promise which goes with their saying “One Taste Worldwide”. The reason for this is their purchasing system which is unique and the relationship the burger chain shares with its suppliers, which ensure the quality of food in every McDonald restaurant around the world.

The fast food chain with a view of keeping track of products it buys from 40 different suppliers across India has introduced a new traceability system. According to the new system, the movement of each and every ingredient that goes into the making of a Mc Donald burger will be recorded.

Mc Donald India uses 3,000-3,500Kgs of Tomatoes, 8,500-9000 buns, 5,500 slices of cheese, 2,000 kgs of iceberg lettuce daily. These ingredients are delivered to 255 of the McDonald restaurants in India in 60-70 refrigerated trucks. The move to introduce the traceability system is to ensure quality and now McDonalds goes on to trace back each and every step of production and transportation of these ingredients.

The new traceability system of McDonalds will enable the fast food major to track the location and temperature of any product which is supplied to it. The system also allows the company to identify when and where the temperature of the produce got altered compared to the preset temperatures. The company can then take immediate action on the same.

Traceability improves the quality of food in the restaurants and also it helps in increasing the consistency. This also sets in place stringent quality checks in par with international standards. The burgers made by McDonalds currently undergo 40 separate checks throughout the food chain and is inspected for safety. The new system will also offer transparency to customers on the quality of food served to them. In case of a discrepancy, the new system allows it to be traced, isolated, and removed through specific batch checks.


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