TTK Prestige launches woman’s day contest, comes out with new range of cookware


March 7, 2013: TTK Prestige is all set to make this Woman’s Day very special and they are making this by running a woman’s day contest and by launching new range of cookwares for women. TTK Prestige which has been in the Kitchen appliances market since 1941 with their innovative products launched a woman’s day contest this month beginning and it will run March 7. Women who want to participate in this contest need to log on to In this seven day contest, every day questions will be asked on this Facebook page on different themes. Customers who give correct answers to these questions will win prizes.

TTK Prestige has also come out with an exciting range of kitchen appliances for women. Prestige is showcasing Microchef which can be used as a microwave and for pressure cooking. The advantage of Prestige Microchef which is priced at Rs.1495 is that it consumes less oil. Another product being introduced is Hybrid Combi Cook Tops. The highlight of this appliance which is priced at Rs.9995 is that gas and induction cooking options have been brought on a single platform. This futuristic product is India’s first combi cook-top. The other products introduced by Prestige include a Veggie Cutter and Electric Cooker.


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