Twelve trends for Marketers to Act Now!


Things are changing and will change. Fortune favors those who are diligent and who observe these changes and trends and do something about it. From social media marketing to email marketing and from integrated communications to mobile advertisements and m-commerce, there are huge trends that will impact tomorrow’s marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • If marketers do not respond via the social media platforms, there is a possibility that 15% of the customers might just go with someone else. ( Gartner)
  • About 75% of marketers in the B2B space feel that they are not interested in measuring the effectiveness of social media ( Satmetrix)
  • On the other hand, CMOs will vouch for higher social media spending by hiking the existing budget allocation by about 7.5% to about 19% in 5 years. ( Aberdeen group)
  • At the same time, marketers devote about 6 hours a week on social media on an average.( Survey)
  • While communicating with the prospects or with consumers, email campaigns have brought out positive results by improving click rates by about 15% and closures by about 10%. ( Aberdeen group)
  • Communications on Recommended Offerings from a trusted source increases the chances of a closure by 50 times ( McKinsey)
  • Coming back to B2B marketers, a huge majority of about 60% have favoured the email route for higher revenue generation.
  • Again a majority of companies ( 60%) are looking forward to increase email marketing campaigns.
  • The percentage of spending on analytics is likely to go up by 60% from the current spends ( CMO Survey)
  • In about 2 years from now, about 40-45% of large firms are planning to make their integrated marketing activity more optimal ( Gartner)
  • Advertisement revenues through the mobile medium are set to increase about 4 times in about 4 years.
  • M-commerce will take a huge bite into the e-commerce share and is pegged to account for 24% of the e-commerce share by 2017.( Survey)

As marketers, you wouldn’t prefer your competitor to stay ahead of you and gain that first mover advantage. So what are you going do about it! Act now!




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