Twitter Marketing India launches #ConversationStarters as a voice to marketers


#ConversionStarters goals are to bring forward ideas and discussions on businesses and brands in such a pandemic situation and its impact on the future of the marketing communications post the Covid-19 phase.

Amidst Covid-19, Twitter Marketing India has announced the launch of video chat series featuring some of the most renowned, experienced advertising and marketing experts. Business promotion through Twitter has a remarkable effect on businesses regarding increased brand quality, brand awareness, website traffic etc.

 Twitter chats are a powerful tactic in marketing to engage communities and attract new followers for brands and businesses. Thus, with the launch of video chat series they could gain more attraction for the viewers and increase their brand value.  Twitter India’s marketing head Preetha Athrey said “Twitter’s power to influence narratives can’t be stated enough. The central thought behind #Conversation starters on Twitter marketing India is to build a credible forum that lends a voice to marketers – agency leads, advertising professionals and others to spark conversation around key narratives that are shaping the marketing and advertising ecosystem today. Their aim is to bring forward thought-provoking perspectives for Indian marketers.

The series of live video panels will address issues in businesses and branding in this quarantine period. Ideas on working and creating from home, virtualization of launches and live events etc. will be explained in the sessions. Friday’s episode featured PG Aditiya, executive creative director Dentsu Webchutney and Kainaz Karmakar chief executive officer, Ogilvy India and Rajdeepak Das, MD, and chief executive officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia on the topic “creating from home”. They discussed how new challenges are created working from home and how marketers deal with this situation. The speakers also gave insights about working with their teams and brands despite this lockdown.

It is assumed that this well planned and executed Twitter marketing service will generate a good awareness among marketers and business owners. It will also provide valuable information for the users interested in this area.  Used effectively Twitter marketing will gain success bringing forward relevant themes that can drive a substantial amount of word of mouth marketing.


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