Uber and Mumbai traffic police to install ‘Breathalysers’


Uber, the app based taxi aggregator has teamed up with the Mumbai traffic police in order to curb drunk-driving. The company will install Uber Breathalysers in the pubs and bars in the city.

The Uber Breathalyser is a booth that analyses the alcohol content in the blood of a person. It will flash a red light if the legal limit of alcohol in the blood has been exceeded. It will signal a green light if the person is safe to drive a vehicle.

In case the reading is above the legal limit of alcohol content in the blood, a message will be displayed and it will help the person take an Uber cab home instead of driving.

Shailesh Sawlani, the General Manager of Uber Mumbai stated that with the help of this campaign, they aim to create awareness against the drunk-driving activity. They also aim to give a convenient and reliable ride to people. They hope to work along with the city’s traffic police in order to install the devices across the pubs and bars in Mumbai.

The very first Uber Breathalyser kiosk was installed in the Nook, a nightclub that is located in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla a few days back.

Uber has committed to make an invest of $1 billion in order to ramp up the operations last year. It stated that the company will invest heavily in taking proper safety measures for the riders.

The global CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, stated that the country was optimistic about its India business, during his visit in December. He stated that they will double the investments to $2 billion if it sees over five times the return.

The company launched its cab services in 2009 and it expanded its global presence rapidly. It also provides services in almost 400 cities across 68 countries. The service is offered in 26 cities in India.




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