Understanding online purchase behavior!


Today’s consumers are always connected. They do all kinds of transaction with cards, be it credit or debit cards. The consumer no longer needs to be present physically in the location where the product and service is available to buy. Only thing they need is have connection to the cyber world. Well, it’s all about ever –present.

However, retailers cannot be ever-present if they do not understand the online purchase behavior of the consumers. In fact understanding the online purchase behavior of consumers is also a difficult task. This could be a reason as why e-commerce sites are taking so much of efforts to establish the rapport with their consumers face to face as much as possible.

But don’t worry retailers!!!Passionate in Marketing have made some effort to understand the online purchase behavior. And here are they (hope the inference makes some sense to retailers)

  1. Connected consumers before making a decision to purchase online they essentially ask two questions to themselves. The first question is “whether the product is right for me?”…which is sensible to ask from any buyer’s  perspective…the buyer will only buy if he/she needs them or if it makes any change to their lives. The second question is “Aah….what do other people who have bought it think?”””….and yes my retailer, this questions is something very relevant!!!! because the answer to this question can make or break business!!!! This is because the consumer moves on to forums and social media sites to get feedback about the products from the people who have used it. What we found is that online purchase buyers are largely influenced by the information provides by their connected peers. So spread the positive message.
  2. Price and convenient trouble free delivery are another important factors that influence consumer to decide from where they would buy.
  3. Online consumers who buys clothes and fashion bring in offline behavior over the internet too. I verified this when I saw my friend visiting market place to try the outfit before ordering it online!!!. My friend didn’t leave me to wonder as why it can’t be bought from the market place replying that online purchasing is cheaper sometimes.
  4. The online buyers of electronics goods do more research than any other category. To my surprise I found myself searching for more information when I intend to buy a LCD online compared to dress materials or other lifestyle goods.

Retailers and readers , if you have come across any notable behavior of connected consumers, share them with us!!



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