Understanding shopper marketing and consumer shopper relationship


Shopper marketing refers to the use of shopper insights for developing marketing campaigns that will influence the behaviors of shoppers while they make purchases and turn them into buyers.  Shopper marketing has different formats and locations including in-store, packaging, product merchandising, live demonstrations, in-store sampling etc. It involves influencing the shopper throughout the entire path followed by him during purchase. It is important that the marketer understand the best method to implement shopper marketing, which varies with different products and brands.

Shopper marketing is fast gaining ground with it getting more investment than online ads. Studies show that a high percentage of people make purchased decisions right at the moment of purchase. Shoppers and consumers are different in the sense that consumers turn into shoppers when they are in the path for purchasing things. Shoppers look for convenience, value and differentiators while consumers look at brand and aspiration.

Shopper marketing involves delving into shopper insights which are elements of shopper behavior when they make the purchase. Consumer insights deal with the relationship of consumers and brands. Both insights are essential to build a comprehensive marketing strategy. Insights into the shopper missions will help carve out appropriate shopper marketing strategies. It is also essential to understand the situations where consumer marketing is preferred over shopper marketing and vice versa.

Understanding the various aspects of shopper marketing and how it has to be integrated with consumer marketing is important to build an effective marketing strategy.


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