Vadilal to continue launching premium high end ice creams


April 27, 2013: Vadilal which till now is known more for its mass based low end and mid end ice cream has been off late changing its strategy and trying to increase its presence in the premium ice cream segment. Third year in a row, Vadilal is launching its own brand of premium high end ice creams. This strategy by the company is seen by the industry experts to expand its market share. India’s second largest ice cream maker had launched its premium ice creams Badabite, Flingo and Gourmet in 2011 and Ice Trooper ice creams in 2012 for kids. This summer also the company is going to launch high end ice creams and expects to generate revenue of Rs.50 crore.

The company is launching artisan range of products this year and is looking forward to capitalise on the increasing demand for fruit based products and launching new range of ice candies. These ice candies will be available under the ‘Falala’ brand in flavours like Kiwi, Mixed Fruit and Cranberry. In addition to these Vadilal will be launching new variants of Flingo, Ice Troopers and Badabite as well. Since past few years,

Vadilal which has been market leader in mid end and lower end ice creams has been targeting higher spending and better educated youth with their premium ice creams. The company has also introduced flavoured milk ‘Power Sip’ under Vadilal Quick Treat umbrella brand and ‘Aam Ras’ which can be carried home. This comes as part of the initiative of the company to offer wider range of frozen food products to consumers.



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