Video marketing: The Future of Content Marketing?


In this critical situation, most of the marketers are running their campaigns through digital platforms. But they have to ensure effective delivery of the contents and proper engagement by the customers. For this, marketers need to implement new content strategies. They all are confused about which type of content has more conversion rates.

Studies show that video content is the best marketing medium, which is easily accessible to a wide audience in different platforms and if executed well, generates more ROI. The marketing experts are saying that video marketing is the future of content marketing. Here are some reasons for that;

  • People love watching videos

Videos are informative, entertaining, easy to digest, and convenient. According to the study of Wyzowl, 96% of people have watched explainer videos of different products and services and on average, every week, people spend around 16 hours watching online videos.

  • People prefer videos over other content

Videos have fewer bounce rates than other forms of content. This shows that people prefer video content over other content. They are engaging and entertaining at the same time.

  •  People purchase on seeing videos

Videos are not only for entertaining but also you can utilize them for conveying the customer about your products. By this, you can improve the brand awareness of customers. If they are attracted to your brand video, they will definitely purchase the product/services. So, you can increase your conversion rates.

  •  Videos can attract people

Whether you use videos on your website or social media accounts, it has tremendous potential to drive people to your brand. If the followers liked the video, they may share the videos with their own communities. This can create more traffic to your content.

  • Videos can help with customer support

Through the videos, the brand can convey relevant information to the customers. This will help to reduce the workload of the customer support team. You can analyze the common issues that the customer face and can publish videos with its solutions. This will be more effective than text content because the customer will be able to see visuals along with the audio explanation.

  • Useful email marketing

Long text mails are always boring to the receivers. They will not read the entire mail. The marketing experts are using short videos along with their email campaigns. They are saying that this has more open rates and click-through rates. If you wisely use videos in your emails, you can improve email marketing ROI.

So, videos can be a powerful tool in your content marketing. This can create more sales for your products and services. By this, we can attract more customers to our content and can improve effective branding.


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