Virtual reality lays the future for online furniture shopping


Vijay, a resident of Tumkur city near Bengaluru runs a technology training institute and he hardly has time to fit in his meals into this schedule. This is when the 31 year old decided to purchase new sofa covers and curtains. He simply placed orders for a bunch online from Lamya & Tanya’s Home Furnishing.

The surprising moment came next as the website asked him to send the snaps of his sofa and window frames where he intends to fit these new sofa covers and curtains. He has sent them to see what they can do with the pictures. The chosen curtains were superimposed on the window frames in the pictures and the covers where on the sofa. He was too impressed that he bought them immediately.

Regarding this, Mihir Patil, the Director of the startup that has partnered with over 40 vendors claimed that their ultimate point is to make their customers purchase once and for all. They do not want their customers to depend on the gut feeling or trail and error methods.

Patil expects that the homegrown technology will set the company apart from its rivals. The furniture and home décor category is emerging as a vital segment and portals such as Urban Ladder and Lamya & Tanya’s are developing their virtual or augmented reality applications or tying up with tech firms for solutions that can improve the online furniture buying experience.

Whodat, a product visualization firm helped in developing an augmented mobile application called Living Spaces for the furniture portal Urban Ladder. This app shows the buyers the real time visualization of lifesize models of furniture in their homes and helps them decide on the purchase.

Virtual reality lets you view a panoramic view of any area such as a modular kitchen. Augmented reality lets you place that kitchen in your home to see how it fits with the rest of the aspects including background, claimed Co-Founder and CEO of HomeLane, Srikanth Iyer.



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