Vodafone brings back pug for launch of ‘SuperNet’ 4G


Vodafone India has official announced the launch of SuperNet that is billed as the seamless network experience for both data and voice. Drawing attention to the launch of this SuperNet 4G network is the mascot of the brand from the early days in the country, the pug. The current ad film campaign of Vodafone India’s SuperNet 4G features a small boy along with a pug. The campaign includes three films of 15 seconds each. These are conceptualized by the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.

In one of the film, both the boy and the pug are involved in a painting session. Then, the boy will paint the SuperNet 4G on the wall. Also, the duo had their handprints to their painting on the wall. The ad film ends saying Vodafone SuperNet 4G and it pitches it as the largest 4G network in the world. It also invites the existing Vodafone customers to upgrade to this service. The other ad films in the campaign follow the announcer format with different scenarios. The other two ad films in the campaign to announce the SuperNet 4G are Drum and Truck featuring the same combination of the boy and the pug.

The national head of brand communications and insights at Vodafone India, Siddharth Banerjee stated that they are highly delighted to bring back the much loved mascot, the pug named Cheeka. They have researched to find that the endearing pug has had the most impactful and a long standing connect with the brand that is symbolic to the network.

He added that their communication strategy for the launch of the SuperNet 4G was predominately aimed at highlighting the advantages of the seamless network as well as the service experience offered by Vodafone India. Of course, it is the Cheeka pug that can better announce this to the existing and potential customers.




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