Walmart to Take On Amazon with $50 per Year Unlimited Shipping Service


Walmart stores will be testing a new unlimited shipping service for those who shop online this summer. This unlimited shipping service will be priced lesser than the popular $99 per year Amazon’s Prime Service.

The leading global retailer Walmart announced on Wednesday that the shipping subscription service will be charge the customers $50 per year. The products will arrive in a time frame of three days or less. Notably, Walmart provides groceries pick-up and delivery service in five markets.

The unlimited shipping scheme marks a considerable commitment and it highlights how concerned and serious the retail is about increasing its online business growth that has witnessed a slowdown.

Regarding this move of coming up with a unlimited shipping service, Ravi Jariwala, a spokesperson from Walmart claimed that this new shipping scheme is in response to the constantly increasing demands of the customers who are looking forward to avail affordable and predictable shipping.

It is a part of the retailer’s strategy to test different and new ways to serve the customers who research and buy on their mobile of desktop devices via Walmart and look for more convenient options.

Furthermore, Jariwala added that the service will be available only on invitation basis initially. It will provide over one million best selling items ranging from electronic products to toys. The only site of Walmart will sell over seven million products across different categories.

Initially, he said that the unlimited shipping service might not provide features such as free video and music streaming that the online retailer Amazon is providing. Based on the customer feedback of how this service is performing, this feature will evolve.

The executive further stated that Walmart is involved in the constant testing of new services that are aimed to make it easier for the customers to carry out their shopping. Unlike Amazon, Walmart has the strength of physical stores that will combine with the online shopping to expand its reach.








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