Webinars: The Most Effective Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation!


“Attend our free Webinar!!!” , “All in this Webinar”. You may see these kinds of Ads in your timelines.

Before a few years back, we had not heard about Webinars. But now, when we open any of our social media accounts, will see at least 1 Ad of webinars. Many of us may think why are they conducting free webinars and Why are they doing paid Ads for promoting these free webinars?

Yes, in today’s market condition, Webinars are the best strategy for lead generation.

Webinars are informative, engaging, and beneficial for both host and participant. Webinars make it easy to position your product in the mind of customers and help to generate leads to your business.

In past days, marketers faced a lot of difficulties in collecting the data of customers. But now, things are different. They can easily build the lists through webinar signup forms. This can be added to the email campaigns.

If you are interested in doing webinars, here are 5 smart ways to use it as a marketing strategy.

  1.  Build Your Brand 

While conducting a webinar, always remember to provide some value to the customer. If you are providing valuable content and fulfill the expectations of participants, your company will stick to their minds. This helps to ensure proper branding.

When you choose a topic for a webinar, always choose one that is connected with your business and what you are expert at. Focus on the goals that you want to achieve through the program.

  • Make it engageable

It’s always better to make the program as much as engageable. If there is only the contribution from the host, it will be boring for the participants. So, include some engageable content for them like asking questions and suggestions in the chatbox. But always ensure that this is not distracting the other participants. If the chat box is overflowing, turn it off.

  • Widen your email list and ensure follow up activities

When the participant fills the sign-up form of the webinar, the host will get the email id and other data. This can be added to new email campaigns or existing email newsletter lists. Once the webinar got over, always remember to follow up every engaging participant. Because each one is a potential lead to our sales pipeline.

  • Team up with affiliate partners and brands

All marketers are facing trouble to find an audience for their initial webinars. Collaborating with other established personalities and brands will bring more success. It helps to introduce your business to a new audience. Also, it helps to ensure a good relationship with other brands. You can learn from their experiences.

  • Resolve ambiguities with ‘deminars’

Sometimes the participants may have questions and doubts about your products or business. This will raise some ambiguities. So always better to go with deminars; which demonstrate your product to the customers. If you are not comfortable with a live demonstration, then send them recorded videos.


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