Welcome to the world of Washroom advertising!!!


It seems like brands in India no longer consider loos to be filthy…..Next time when you take a break in your movie to the wash room, I assure you that you will find yourself staring into the ads present there. Yes reader, I am not bluffing!!! Washroom advertising is the next big thing in the Indian marketing world. Already some brands have started invading human privacy to capture the attention.

Dixcy Scott, Dettol, Lakme, Lux, Axe, diesel sony pix and zee t.v. are some the brands who have already made their way to the restrooms of multiplexes in India.

While Dixcy Scott, an innerwear brand endorsed by Salman Khan found its prime position in men’s urinal in multiplex of PVR cinemas, cosmetic brand L’oreal’s makeup find its position in the mirror of the women’s washroom in the multiplex.

According to an industry expert, washrooms are a point of contact for the brands to communicate better with their target audience. With studies proving that women spent 105 sec and men spent 55 sec in washroom, there is no reason for the brands to miss the opportunity to spend time with their target audience. Washrooms of multiplexes are considered to be the contact point for brands to communicate with their consumers in clutter-free manner.

Studies proving that brand recall in washroom advertising is something 55% more than that of on-screen advertising has also prompted many biggies in the multiplex of the country to bet high on washroom advertising. Long with PVR, India’s largest multiplex chain, Inox too has opened its washroom doors for brands like Dove Deodorant, Whisper, UTV Action and SAB TV. BIG Cinemas, too has tied up with brands such as Zapak, Whisper, Piramal iSure for washroom ads.

Washrooms are space that consumers will use again and placing ads there would definitely guarantee 100% consumption of the message…but what about the sales. For any ads and branding activities, the ultimate aim is to generate sales. Will washroom advertising  help the brands cloak more sales.? Would like to know your thoughts about this….


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