What does aspiration mean for Indian customers? : JWT Survey


One of the most frequently asked questions by marketers is ‘How to make a product work in the market or How to make it more engaging among customers’. Normally the answer will depend on the extent to which the product can satisfy the aspirations of the consumers. There arises another critical question as ‘What does aspiration means for Indian customers’. JWT answers the question through a survey that was conducted by them and that comprised over 5,000 brand conversations among young consumers.

JWT reveals that the main force that drives a customer to buy a product is his intrinsic factors, much more than extrinsic factors like wealth and income levels. Those brands that can reflect the personality of the individual and or that can capture their trustworthiness will be easily marketed. Factors that can increase the trustworthy feeling of the customers or something that can make a brand are

  • Image –28%
  • Trustworthy –23%
  • Go Global—9%
  • Pedigree—8%
  • Wealth—6%
  • Cutting Edge—5%
  • Uniqueness-5%
  • Community Contributions–5%
  • Heritage—3%
  • Prestige—3%
  • Restricted supply–2%
  • Self Assertion–2%
  • Happiness–1%

Global popularity of the brand can also improve its sales. A consumer surveyed on this had expressed their excitement of seeing a Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI moving through the roads of Europe. In fact customer’s perception on ‘quality world’ also adds to his brand loyalty. So marketers who need to have better brand appeal should place their brand in a quality world where the consumer can identify with.

JWT survey highlights that a brand can inhabit three worlds to stay in the market as a premium product. First world is the ‘Belonging World’, which is all about closeness to family and friends. Those who have the flair of being part of a group, often go for Airtel or Cadbury brands.

Second world is the ‘Pedigree World’, where customers look for achievement, confidence, and degree of respect a brand commands. Examples for such brands are L’Oreal, Nike and Mont Blanc.

The final world mentioned in the survey is the ‘Leap World’, where customers can take chances. Brands in this category include the popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati, and Rin with its ‘Chamakte Rehna’ tagline.


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