What is contextual advertising?


Contextual advertising is a term which is extensively used in online advertising. Contextual advertising is a system wherein the key words of a website are scanned and the advertisements are displayed on the page depending on the key words used and key word density. Contextual advertising used by websites and as well as search engines. For E.g- If a user is accessing a fashion site and looking for cosmetic related content, then on that page an advertisement of a cosmetic brand may be displayed as a banner, pop up, click through etc. In contextual advertising the advertising is directly based on the content that is searched by the user. The other names of contextual advertising are “In-Text” advertising and “In-Context Technology”.  The famous tools used by online marketers for contextual advertising are Google Adsense, Infolinks, in-text ads, mobile ads, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Publisher Network etc.

Follow the link to know about various examples of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising example


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