What is ‘Green’ Retailing?


May 14, 2014: In the initial years going green was about offering eco-friendly products but now retailers are not only focusing on selling organic products in stores but also on Green Retailing. Green Retailing can be termed as building green practices in store operations and also along the supply chain. More and more retailers are joining the bandwagon since consumers are increasingly becoming aware of eco-friendly goods and practices. Green Retailing is being increasingly considered as a strategic tool to differentiate their offerings and more importantly sustainability is being fast embraced as the new mantra.

Some of the benefits for retailers by following green retailing practices are:

  • This would help in the reuse of materials and reduced wastage which would inturn help the company to be labelled as eco-friendly.
  • The retailers would opt for green construction processes and reduce wastage of resources like water, electricity etc. and this could be a strong differentiator for the company.
  • It would help in reducing paper transactions by adopting technology.


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