What will affect buying power in 2013?


There is only one thing that is permanent in life and that’s change. Change is the only thing one can expect every day. Now analyzing, the macroeconomic trends, there are certain things that might affect buying power this year.

  1. Copper-the new gold
  2. Food
  3. Cell phones not for free
  4. Cash only doctors
  5. Job titles

Gold prices are increasing rapidly, but mind, there is also one more important metal which is experiencing a rapid price hike. Copper, the about-to-be-precious metal is becoming costly and everything from water-pipes to distilling equipment’s is going to be expensive. Food is going to be expensive with a number of cultural invasions and the new traditions of too many eat outs. There are a number of high-end gadgets today to make cooking effortless. Cell phone companies may not subsidize their phones further so don’t expect it. Doctors now are opting for free-service model as they can avoid the hassle of filling up insurance forms but also preserve their incomes. People this year may want to change their job titles. But remember job titles instill a great sense of purpose.

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