WhatsApp drops $1 fee, businesses might pay to reach customers


The most popular instant messaging service, Whatsapp is all set to drop its $1 fee that is levied on some users. This move is to happen as the platform experiments making businesses pay in order to reach the customers. This was revealed by Jan Koum, the service’s Chief Executive.

The Facebook owned messaging service is expected to provide complete encryption of messages in the coming months. This is in a move to ensure the privacy of the users’ conversations that is expected to draw further criticism from certain governments.

In Britain, the United States, and elsewhere, the authorities say that the growing prevalence of encryption on the services such as Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp. This is to constrain their ability to keep a watch over the criminal suspects or prevent militant plots and threatened to pass laws that block these modifications.

WhatsApp provides free text, video and picture messages. It has been working quite slowly to develop end-to-end encryption in communication for over a year. Already, WhatsApp introduced full encryption for the users on the Android devices.

Koum stated that they are a couple of months away from completing the same. He stated that once the same gets completed, WhatsApp will represent the largest service across the world to provide completely private messaging. He added that soon they will be able to discuss more about the same. The seven year old messaging company was acquired by Facebook, the social media giant for a deal of $19.2 million in the year 2014. Now, the service has 1 billion users and it is testing making airlines, restaurants, and credit card firms to pay in order to contact the customers.

He stated that WhatsApp will be going free for the users. They are not going to charge the $1 fee per year anymore. They will begin experimenting the same this year in order to simplify how the businesses interact with their customers.




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