WhatsApp launches end to end encryption


WhatsApp, the popular messaging service has announced that it had implemented the full end to end encryption in order to step up the privacy that might lead to clashes with the law enforcement agencies. The mobile application owned by Facebook with a user base of one billion users across the world has made this announcement after weeks of powerful debate over the efforts that the US authorities took to compel Apple to help break into an iPhone that is encrypted.

The blog post stated that WhatsApp has prioritized making the data and communication of the users secure to the maximum extent. It stated that they are proud to announce that they have completed a technological development that will make the service the leader in protecting the private communication of the users with the full end to end encryption.

As per the post, when you send a WhatsApp message, the only one to read it is the intended person or group that the message is sent to. No one can view the message including hackers, cyber criminals, oppressive regimes and also WhatsApp.

The moves by the tech firms to implement this kind of encryption where the companies do not have the keys to unlock the data have set free criticism in the law enforcement segment that is creates warrant-proof space for the criminals.

WhatsApp is likely involved in a court battle just like Apple that fought a federal effort to offer assistance in unlocking an encrypted iPhone that was used by one of the shooters in the 2015 San Bernardino killing spree.

The US Congress is likely to consider legislation that would need the tech firms to have the keys to retrieve the data as a part of a criminal investigation. There is nothing wrong in the law enforcement agencies requiring the company to retain the keys as it is stated that the apps like Telegram and WhatsApp were used by the attackers during the November 13 Paris attacks killing 130 people. WhatsApp should be able to unlock the messages despite of the encryption that it has provided to its users.







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