Whereisyourbrand.com, an exclusive portal for listing branding and sponsorship opportunities launched


March 15, 2013: A fresh new portal “whereisyourbrand.com” founded by Dinesh Chandra, Former Marketing Director, Kohler India was recently launched for listing branding and sponsorship opportunities. This exclusive portal which focuses on ATL and BTL space for advertisers has been launched by Fresheyes Ventures promoted by Mr. Chandra. This unique portal creates a real time platform for media and event property owners.

According to a statement by Fresheyes Ventures, the website in its beta stage itself had over 1,200 opportunities listed. Whereisyourbrand.com by creating this unique platform is helping out brand marketers and property owners to list their ATL and BTL needs in 25 different categories. In order to make use of the facilities provided by this unique portal Media and Event Property Owners need to register on the site so as to upload their properties. These owners after registration can buy branding opportunities and search opportunities apart from host of other features.




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