Why marketers need extra prudence to Data-Driven Marketing in Post COVID Era?


Due to this pandemic situation, people’s habits and buying behaviour has changed. This is a big challenge for marketers, since there is an uncertain demand for products. In this crisis, data is very critical for brands, because it helps to take effective actions.

Data helps to overcome the challenges through a deeper understanding of the needs of customers. It helps marketers to design their campaigns and generate leads to business.

Data-driven marketing is the development of marketing campaigns from insights of available data of customers and the market. This data can be collected through offline and online customer interactions and engagements. The objectives of data-driven marketing are to enhance the customer experience increased lead generation and maximize ROI.

Data driven marketing has been very common in large scale brands, but now it is also very important for small and medium scale brands as well.  Many big brands’ data-driven marketing with personalized content yielded a double-digit increase in the conversion rates.

Both marketers and customers have benefited from the data-driven marketing

Personalization in marketing

Customers are expecting special needs recognition from the brands. Through data-driven marketing, marketers can identify the specialties of customers and can implement custom campaigns for targeting specific audiences. It helps to understand the customer persona and deliver highly personalized messages. It will boost the effectiveness of the campaign and help to achieve more ROI.

Better product development

A well obtained database helps brands to analyze accurate and actionable information about the customer. This helps the marketer to recognize the needs and wants of the targeted audience. By this, the brand can reduce risk and product failure by developing better-suited products to the customer.

Enhanced customer experience

When brands develop personalized ads, it results in better customer experience and satisfaction. They can use different marketing channels and algorithms to ensure a consistent, aligned, and targeted marketing campaign that brings results. Many marketers are automated in their campaigns with the data of customers. The artificial intelligence helps to ensure optimized marketing activities. The data-driven approach is the best solution for getting better success rates for the brands.


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