Will airline flyers pay attention to OOH and DOOH ads at the Airport?


Even after the ban on flights has been lifted with the relaxation in lockdown, there is a massive behavioural shift in the perception of the consumer. How will the consumers perceive ads at the airport?

As India reopens airports and lifts travel ban through flight after more than 60 days of lockdown, the way consumers fly has changed forever. Flyers, air hostesses and pilots alike have to observe social distancing norms for their mutual safety, wear masks and take multiple precautions to ensure that they do not spread the Coronavirus, or become its carrier unknowingly. Given the stressful circumstances, how perceptive will a customer be to digital OOH and OOH ads at airports when they are already having so much in their minds?

To understand the consumer mind-set during these pandemic times we have to look at the changing nature of travel.

To understand how ads will be perceived by consumers while traveling, Ruchira Jain who is a veteran consumer behaviour expert who was formerly the Vice President of consumer insights to Swiggy was approached. She gave her insight by saying that consumers now will only travel for pressing needs and will avoid leisure trips and family visits to their mother states and this sort of self-regulation for essential travel is going to persist for the next 3-6 months or maybe more.

She added that “Despite all measures airports and airlines may take, there will be high anxiety on the part of travelers because any social place implies a higher risk of contracting the virus. Previously, even if you were traveling for a vacation, or even for business, it was not this stressful.”

OOH in the Airport which used to attract the middle class, upper-middle-class, and the upper class those who have a reasonable amount of spending power even during these times of pandemic. But now there has been a massive change in their behaviour as most customers are focused on only essentials and medicines. Most advertisers are saying that advertising in the airport because of this situation has lost its importance. As marketers, we can show our care to customers by spreading positive messages and ensure their safety and hygiene by various activities as these kinds of actions by brands are found to stay within the customer.


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