Can Vespa’s new TV Commercial make an impact?


Have you noticed the new TV commercial on Vespa, a young guy on a fine day riding and zipping past on his yellow colored Vespa in search of the perfect girl? Piaggio India is aiming to break the clutter with their first TV commercial for Vespa, designed and shot by Meridian Communications.

According to MV Krishna, the marketing head for Vespa, there is great risk in marketing an automobile brand as a life style statement in India. For him the job is equally fun and tough.

The ad which effectively conveys the individuality of a young guy through his lifestyle aims definitely in hitting young minds. Also, Vespa fits in perfectly for Indian consumers who aspire for more lifestyle products. Vespa is one of the most fuel efficient scooters in India, which is powered by a 125cc, 4-stroke, 3-valve engine. Retro styling of this vehicle also adds to its charm.

Piaggio launched Vespa almost 4 months back. But it is only now that, Piaggio had come out with a TV commercial. The reason for such a time gap between product launch and ad release is well explained by Anuraag Khandelwal, the Executive Creative Director, Meridian. In his opinion, reaching masses early through ads can be harmful due to various reasons. At entry level, he thinks that digital media is enough to convey the brand’s heritage story and connect to the target audience.

The ad film for Vespa was shot by the UK-based Harvey B-Brown. Brown brought in lot of special elements in this ad, in terms of the detailing the frames and in the overall look and feel of the vehicle. Now the question is whether this unique television ad campaign can improve the popularity of Vespa and convert it into sales.


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