Women outspends men in online shopping, app usage


Women are the reason behind the success story of the online retailers in the country. They are outspending men when it comes to online shopping and they proving to be the highly aggressive tech savvy and internet savvy gender in buying thing using their smartphones.

Women are likely to use plastic money, online travel portals, and mobile applications, claims a study by Nielson and American Express. They spend 47 hours per week on the non-work related actives on the internet when compared to men who spend just 28 hours per week on the non-work related activities. When it comes to using the mobile applications, women dominate this segment with 98 percent whereas only 81 percent men use these apps.

74 percent women prefer to make use of plastic money to shop online while 68 percent men prefer the cash on delivery payment mode. Around 98 percent of the respondents of both genders state they access the internet to shop online while 96 percent of them use for social networking. This is followed by 95 percent for banking, booking tickets and emails respectively. The plastic money is the most famous mode of payment in the metros and 71 percent of them prefer this mode of payment. Cash on delivery is preferred by 72 percent of them and it is popular in the tier 1 cities.

Shopping is a favorite pastime for Indians and it has become the virtual pastime as well, states Manoj Adlakha, the GM and VP of consumer and merchant services as well as CEO at American Express Banking.

The cash payment, freedom to compare prices, convenience and discounts are the major compelling reasons that drive people towards online shopping. Around 70 percent of the internet users prefer online shopping for the discounts that are offered by the retailers.

However, this equation chances with the marital status of the online shoppers. Around 68 percent of the bachelors claim that discount is the major reason while 58 percent of the married buyers state this as the reason for online shopping.



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