Women’s wear brand Jealous 21 offers free pepper spray J21 with Jeans


Feb 27, 2013: Post the sensational New Delhi rape case, one issue which is being widely discussed in social circles is about empowering women and enhancing safety of women. Many a brands have also started taking this issue seriously and getting associated with this cause in whatever way possible. One such brand which has joined the initiative of increasing awareness among women and to enhance safety among women is women’s wear brand Jealous 21. Jealous 21 has started offering free pepper sprays as a promotion offer for every purchase of a pair of jeans.

This women’s wear brand has started offering a bright pink J21 pepper spray which will act as the first line of defence when there is a threat to their safety. Pepper spray now is being carried by many a women and in the present days it is considered a must have as a means of protection. The J21 pepper spray which derives its name from Jealous 21 itself according to the company is legal and safe. The use of J21 will not cause any permanent injury against whom it is used and it ensures a greater sense of confidence among the urban women who are the target segment for Jealous 21.


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