World Cup Viewership Drops this Year, RevenueTarget Goes Down by 19 Percent


During this World Cup that got over a few days back, not only the Indian cricket team failed to perform well this time as the 2011 tournament, but also Star India’s World Cup vieweship percentage, time spent and reach have also taken a plunge. Eventually, Star India has missed the World Cup target that it had planned to reach much like the national cricket team.

However,Indiadid better this time than the previous years to win six games consecutively leaving everyone surprised. As per several industry sources, Star India has a revenue target internally to reach Rs 850 crore from advertising sales during the time period of the World Cup. Now, it seems like they could earn only Rs 600 crore that is a decline by 19 percent from the target.

Other than failing to reach the distance, Star India also certified the deficit to matches that were played in New Zealand and Australia. IfIndiahad reached the finals, the firm would have received another Rs 75 crore to its revenue, claim its media partners. Notably, Star India has around 6,000 seconds in each of the World Cup tournaments this time to sell to advertisers.

As per AdEx that provides an estimate of the value of advertising on radio, print and television, Star sold an average of 4,500 seconds for every match that the Indian team played. In the non-Indian matches, Star managed to be close to 2,600 seconds per match. Notably, Star charged around Rs 5 lakh per 10 seconds for the matches played byIndiaand Rs 1.5 lakh to 1.75 lakh per 10 seconds for the matches played by other teams.

Stat managed to sell spots during the marquee India games at pretty high rates of Rs 25 lakh per 10 seconds for the match that happened between India and Pakistan and the same was Rs 15 lakh per 10 seconds for the semi-final that was played with Australia.

Star opened opportunities for smaller advertisers this time as it managed to sell spots on the regional feeds such as Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada other than English and Hindi.



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