WPP to Start Gain Theory, a Global Analytics Company


The world’s biggest advertising firm, WPP is combining a couple of its existing firms to float a new analytics company called Gain Theory. It is claimed that this new global analytics firm will have three primary hubs that will operate inNew York,Londonand Bengaluru.

It will help the marketers to analyze the network of big data at a much quicker pace and also help them to integrate and use the details in their business plans. The firm will bring data, technology solutions, analytics and consumer insight abilities together in order to aid the marketers to simplify the sheer volume of data that they are receiving as of now.

This move will also merge the expertise of the firm in media, data, marketing and technology to create a consultancy that will assist the brands to come up with faster, smarter and predictive business decisions.

Regarding this, CEO, Gain Theory APAC, Sundar Muthuraman claimed that the Gain Theory is the merging of a set of entities that will drive the marketing RoI (return of investment) analytics and practices within the group and also it will be an individual P&L (profit and loss). This new entity is claimed to focus on the marketing analytics and it will help the clients to navigate the big data driven consumer meeting and enhance the RoI.

As of now, inIndia, Hindustan Uniliever is the biggest client of Gain Theory. It is claimed by the executive that innovation in analytics and analytical technology inIndia, especiallyBangalorewill lead its way. Also, Meritus is a founding member of Gain Theory and it is also headquartered inBangalore. The firm is claimed to have a rich heritage in innovation and it is considered a major strength that will influence Gain Theory.

Gain Theory will be led by Jason Harrison who will be its global CEO and Sundaram Muthuraman will be its Indian lead and the CEO of APAC region. The company will start off with 200 employees onboard including processionals such as statistical experts, data scientists, big data technology experts and other domain experts in media, consumer engagement and marketing. It will expand its presence inChinaandLatin Americaas well soon.



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