Yamaha Motor India sets up separate marketing and sales unit


Japanese two-wheeler maker, Yamaha is separating its marketing and sales function in India into a separate unit. The new unit is named ‘Yamaha Motor India Sales (YMIS)’ which will be responsible for the overall sales and marketing initiatives will start functioning in a couple of months. .

Masaki Asano will be the new Managing Director of YMIS and he will be assisted by Jun Nakata (Director), Takehiko Yamazaki (Parts Operation Group Head), Kurian (Sales & Marketing Group Head) and Roy Ravinder Singh (Strategy Planning Group Head).

‘Profit through improved sales’ is the motive behind separation of manufacturing and sales units. This initiative will be beneficial for the company to take a focused approach (on sales) towards reducing costs.

The company is also planning to set up a separate Research and Development unit. If this happens, India Yamaha Motor will function as three separate entities, each carrying out the functions of manufacturing, R& D and sales (independently). Manufacturing unit will focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing input costs and YMIS will concentrate on brand building and sales promotion. Coming out with innovative product design is the main purpose behind the proposal of setting up an R & D unit.

India Yamaha Motor recorded a sale of 29,875 units in the domestic market in January 2013.  The company sold 26,300 units last year in January and thereby recording a growth of 13.2 per cent. Though the sales of India Yamaha Motor are increasing, the company has been incurring losses over the past few years. Reported losses for the company during the years of 2010 and 2011 are Rs. 241.66 and Rs.632.31 crore respectively. Yamaha is planning to intensify their marketing efforts and to foster sales by 2013 with its restructuring moves.



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