Yelp and Shopify with new strategy for SMBs to cope with COVID-19- Case Study


Both Yelp and Shopify are shifting towards the integration between online and offline operations

In retail industry omnichannel has been in talk for years because it aids digital transformation of businesses. It is needed now more than ever as the pace at which people are taking over digital channels has increased by many folds. Merchants irrespective of whether they are large or small are keener to shift to digital platforms for their survival as e-commerce have become more prominent than ever.

Yelp and Shopify arrive with new strategy.                                                                                                                Yelp has come up with more features to help local businesses compete in the new virtual economy whereas Shopify has launched an updated version of the POS (point of sale) system.

The latest update on yelp are:

  • A new icon that helps businesses which provide online services such as tutorials, classes and consultation services to be available more easily.
  • Yelp is encouraging its users to visit restaurants that provide takeout and now has delivery option along with it as well.
  • Yelp collection also shows the list of relevant businesses which are operational.
  • Free COVID banners in any category for business to communicate with their customers.
  • Yelp came up with COVID-friendly options and icons such as curbside pickups, takeout delivered, gift cards and other services to ease operations.
  • Yelp has introduced its new version with better and easier Graphical user interface and more information for Business owners.

Shopify are integrating offline and online sales.

Shopify has introduced an updated point of sale system that integrates online and offline sales of a consumer. The new POS system has become very useful for businesses as they are very flexible and can serve both instore and curbside customers.

We can also view the overall store performance through the app and also, we can do mobile checkout foe curbside or instore purchase.

Merchants who connected their business online had a 30% increase in their revenue according to Shopify. Shopify also said that they have also evolved to the social distancing norm of the shutdown.

SMB’s are facing more financial loss than that of 2008 financial crisis and a vast majority of them have only a few months of cash reserve and to pool in customers strategies such as these are crucial.


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