Young India experiments with lifestyle; individualism plays major role: VML Qais Study


A study on the attitudes of the youth of India by the digital marketing and advertising agency, VML Qais has revealed a drastic change in their outlook from the previous generations. The youth in the cities favor fashionable products, believes that education has only a small role in building careers and puts expiry date to relationships. The VML Qais study, which was conducted among the 18-35 years age group, has revealed the strong emphasis that today’s generation puts on individualism, personal aspirations and personalized lifestyle.

Among the nine countries included in the survey, Indiascored highest in terms of youth with personal aspirations. Rajeev Lochan, director of research at VML Qais Asia said that young India has witnessed a drastic change in the social and economic scenarios which has triggered them to focus on a more personalized lifestyle than a community-centric one. He also said that the immense reaction triggered by theDelhi rape case among the youth is proof that their values are intact.

Observations in the study report on the youth of India

The VML Qais study covered the cities ofDelhi,Hyderabad,Bangalore and Mumbai and included more than 2,000 respondents who were asked questions on 16 topics including beauty, luxury, media, automobile, love, technology, sports etc.


A whopping 73 percent voted social media as more trustworthy than other media. They also said they would rather trust the views of friends over brands. 80 percent conceded their penchant for putting up their views on social media and actually socializing with only a few. A section said that an overload of technology will result in creating a distance from the people around you.

Sports and entertainment

Around 77 percent of the young generation seemed to follow sports for the sake of their favorite players rather than teams. 79 percent said they will be happy to pay more for quality entertainment.

Health and beauty

Around 62 % of the women agreed that plastic surgery is a good option for improving looks. As for men, around 75% conceded to using skincare products.

Marriage and money

83% of the people said that marriage is a good option only if you are happy with the partner and that it is alright to move on in case it does not work out well. As for money, 73% seemed to think that financial planning should involve applying common sense.

As Rajeev Lochan puts it, an insight into the dreams, desires, thoughts and feelings of the youth in the country has revealed a young India in the mood to experiment.




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