Zapak goes Phygital to woo audience


Phygital is the new mantra of Zapak Digital Entertainment which the company claims will bridge the gap between digital and physical technology. Phygital is designed for a different user experience and the company says that the user can get the best of technology through this app. The user by pointing the camera towards a particular location can know about the hang-outs in that particular location and all that a user needs.

There is Gamification and Advergaming which has been there for quite some time now, but Phygital is now something which is new. Zapak has carried out a number of innovating campaigns banking on Phygital. One of its campaigns in the recent past is aimed at bringing wrestling back to Olympics. Phygital, the term is becoming a buzz word today and is trending a lot.

Zapak had earlier used Phygital exclusively for the campaign of Pepsi Co. which created about 75,000 listening hours and two lakh listeners plus a number of fans in Facebook.  The company also used the technology to integrate the voices of two comedians along with a cricket commentary. Users could hear the commentary directly through podcasts. Apart from this, the company was also involved in T20 campaign for Football in a similar way. This allowed users to watch the game in five avatars at the same time.

It is something innovative to integrate physical and digital niche and the trend gains because of better user engagement. The brand is currently involved in television advertisements and also carrying out a number of guerilla advertising. Advertising is carried out in washrooms and malls along with cheesy quotes. Going Phygital is also seen to be gaining high revenues.  The smartphone users are going to rise in the next ten years and this is giving the company new hopes of gaining more audience. After physical and digital, it is Phygital that is making the new mark. So, what’s next? Let’s wait for the next trend.







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