Zicom Electronic Security Systems plans to enter retail sector


Feb 23, 2013: Zicom Electronic Systems after failing to set up stand alone shops for selling its electronic security systems will now be trying to sell the same through electronic shops and consumer durable retailer outlets. Zicom security systems can now be purchased by users in retail chains like Next, Home Town and as well as small shops selling electronic hardware items. The company which is in into selling security products like video door phones and alarm systems, finger print locks etc. is targeting a revenue of Rs.150 to Rs.170 crore by selling through different retail outlets.

Zicom plans to make their products available through nearly 2000 outlets by next year. The company is also looking to sell security systems through shop in shop formats, distributors and also exploring a possibility of selling it online. Though Zicom has a manufacturing base in Himachal Pradesh, the company is exploring the possibility of importing the security products and exporting it to countries such as US and Brazil in order to achieve the revenue targets.


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