10 Ways by Which Blockchain helps the businesses to grow


Blockchain technology is an emerging decentralized technology largely used in banks for trade and payment. Many of the customers have heard of blockchain technology, especially in relation to cryptocurrency. Still, their potential and impact across industries are not unveiled fully. It has been adopted by different businesses because of its ability to simplify and secure the data. The use of this technology has been changing the entire business processes.

The members of Forbes Technology Council shares some deep insights on the ways by which blockchain has made an impact on business. They are as follows:

  • Static transparency

Music artists struggle to make a living off their royalties even if there are numerous streaming options. As the streaming platforms are not so transparent in terms of statistics. So blockchain emerges as a way to establish more transparency in the right management; to establish ownership, count plays, and pay artists what they’re due.

  • Bridges collaboration and control

Blockchain act as a bridge between data collaboration and control. Enterprises must work together to succeed as well as keep data on an immutable and auditable form. Without having to trust partners or third parties blockchain can be used as a system of record- like collaborative SQL. Hence the rate of corruption gets reduced.

  • Open finance

Open finance, also called decentralized finance (Defi) refers to the economic paradigm shift enabled by blockchain networks. They are fast-growing applications with the power to enhance a shift in the economy, but they can be vulnerable to hacks.

  • Supply chain management

Blockchain and supply chain management go hand in hand. Blockchain provides more authenticated data and transactions with accuracy, transparency, predictability, and low cost. Since there are no intermediaries and third parties present, the transactions are more reliable and less fraud.

  • Transparency in Banking

As money and banking system are opaque, it creates some unclear pictures throughout the system. Blockchain disrupts the misconceptions with transparency that it provides.

  • Data privacy and connection

Blockchain enables a huge transformation in the businesses by complete customer trust through data privacy. When every consumer is in control of their own data and identity and they can ensure the authenticity in transfers of data, blockchain build the businesses with the foundation of customer loyalty.

  • Consolidation of data

Blockchain can consolidate data from multiple users from multiple domains, resulting in the collaboration of different businesses more effectively and safe data flow.

  • User authentication

The digitalized user authentication and verification will enable people to have trusted and portable digital identities that can be used on any website for multi-uses.

  • Human resources

It is always difficult to hire, manage, and retain talent even if many tools are available. Blockchain handles the inefficiencies of manual updation and provides with a secure and automated data. Both employees and organizations will be benefited and all the transactions are directed in a safer manner.

  • E-commerce

Blockchain has made drastic changes in e-commerce. Now the payment has become a simpler and safer task. Many of the businesses have implemented blockchain and many are considering it.


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