2021: Changes In The Future of Online Gaming


Our world is under constant evolution bettering itself as a result of modern-day technology. The online gaming scenarios are also not left out but rather has recorded tremendous growth over the following years. The Industry has witnessed new trends along with a hike in traffic during the past few years. The COVID lockdown also in a way boosted the online gaming’s popularity than it was before COVID.

These are the changes that we witness in the upcoming years:

Rise in online card games: Online card games have always warmed their way into hearts of the many avid players. The main reason being the level of convenience being offered by these games with easy play option on user’s smartphones. This key feature plays a vital role in innovation enabling user’s to easily play their favourite game from just about corner of the world at any time. After the onset of games such as Teen Patti, Online Rummy etc the online card game genre has been warmly welcomed in India. India’s vast population of gamers have always embraced online card games too. The other factor being the ability to lay wagers whilst playing the game and cash out the drawings whenever and where ever you are.

  • The tremendous increase in online slot games:

These days online slot game has changed from single machines to multiple players in a room playing on slots. This gives an added opportunity for more than a single player to take part in the game and win money. The other key feature is that jackpots can be collectively won by players as many of the bonus rounds features teamwork. Players are also having the liberty to converse with other players via chat whilst spinning the reels. This is also increased the fun factor in online slot games.

  • Cloud gaming:

Gaming-as-a-service is slowly taking over the online gaming industry mainly aiming at the creation of becoming affordable for players in the case of high prices gaming hardware. Clod gaming enables players to involve remote hardware and usage of high-speed internet to play such games. This also acts as a vital factor by the elimination of the cost of expensive gaming sets making online gaming affordable to many who were formerly unable to play owing to hardware cost.

  • Cryptocurrency payments will increase

Payment for purchase of software’s, in-game purchases, gaming hardware, tournament and merchandise payments etc will see an increase in sale and also increased acceptance of customers by opting the mode of payment as cryptocurrency.

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