3 companies mentoring the Indian startup community with a 360-degree approach for the founders 


1. IncuDash: Started by a duo of mentors and angel investors – Priyanka Madnani and Rishabh Kumar Taneja, the platform provides end-to-end first-hand incubation support to every startup beginning from the ideation to the growth and expansion stage. It maps out the product and business journey, backing it with a strong business model and financial validation. 

India’s 1st SaaS platform to make founders ready for a startup journey. This platform is to help founders be startup ready, nurturing them from 0 to 1 and making them fundable. Hence the focus is on validating their idea and accelerating their growth.IncuDash is recognized as India’s first artificial Intelligence based SaaS platform that acts as a virtual incubator. -IncuDash leverages the potential of experts’ guidance in idea validation through deliberate and thorough research and market analysis. It maps out the product and business journey, backing it with a strong business model and financial validation. For investment support, IncuDash helps founders and their startups with pitch deck validation along with the founder’s grooming session to raise potential red flags that can act as a roadblock in acquiring funds. 

2. WE Hub: It is the first-of-its-kind and only State-run platform for Women Entrepreneurs. It helps women from diverse backgrounds by providing a soft-landing hub and mentoring them to be successful in their entrepreneurial journey. WE HUB was formally launched on 8-Mar-2018, the International Women’s Day. Through its primary activity, it plans to create an eco-system that drives social change across India and the world. WE Hub is envisioned to create a supportive community for aspiring women entrepreneurs where they can interact with VCs for funding, connect with corporate for scaling up their business, get advice from mentors to fine tune ideas, avoid costly mistakes, and march forward on the path to success with renew edconfidence. Services it provides include seed funding, mentoring, virtual programs (in case women can’t travel), business guidance, Government liaison which will help women establish their own enterprise. Being a state ledinitiative, the company offers its services at reasonable costs and in some cases no cost at all.

3.DLabs Startup Incubator in India: DLabs is the incubation and acceleration arm of Indian School of Business set up in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It aims to support the creation of a vibrant and high impact entrepreneurial ecosystem focused on innovation in key sectors including technology commercialization. DLabs leverages the vast resources, expertise and networks of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ISB through mentorship, education and investor connect.