5 reasons why you should watch ‘Family Aaj Kal’

5 reasons why you should watch ‘Family Aaj Kal’
5 reasons why you should watch ‘Family Aaj Kal’
Remember the first time you wanted to introduce your partner to your parents? It can be the most nerve-wracking thing to do! And even if you feel your family is quite modern or open-minded, how quickly would that approach go out the window if they found out that the love of your life is a cab driver?!
The latest dramedy by Civic Studios, “Family Aaj Kal,” explores a similar dilemma faced by Meher, a 20-something girl who decides to introduce her boyfriend, Gaurav, who is also a cab driver, to her family. A hilarious yet relatable portrayal of the generation gaps in every family, and a mirror to the class biases that any progressive middle-class family can fall victim to, “Family Aaj Kal” explores the quirky, wholesome world of the Kashyaps.
Created by Anushka Shah, Producer, Civic Studios, along with Director Parikshit Joshi and Writer Manoj Kalwani, the 5-episode show is streaming now on Sony LIV. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch this sweet dramedy with a big heart!
Modern love with Aaj Kal Ki family: What counts as modern love in today’s time? Meher’s parents have survived an interfaith marriage against their family’s wishes. So they’re sure they won’t let their children go through the same, like their ‘gaye-guzre’ elders. But when Meher falls in love with someone who is considered to be from a different class background, her family can’t see eye to eye due to their concerns for their daughter’s future. Who will win in this battle of love vs class bias?
Stellar ensemble cast led by Apoorva Arora: Fans of Apoorva Arora will be excited to see her in a brand new avatar for this family dramedy. After hit youth shows like College Romance and Firsts, her character Meher will strike a relatable chord in all youngsters caught between independence and family. She is joined by the extremely talented Sonali Sachdev as her mother. The entire cast was privileged to share the screen with the late Nitesh Pandey as her father. Both parents light up the screen with their comic timing. Not to mention, fresh faces Prakhar Singh and Aakarshan Singh, and veteran Masood Akhtar.
Dignity in every job: If we were to take a step back and notice, we would find a general distaste for blue-collar jobs among our friends and families. “Family Aaj Kal” takes a mirror to society to extend empathy, respect, and dignity to professions like drivers. It also sheds light to the struggles of Indian youth who, like Gaurav, Meher’s boyfriend, have graduated with esteemed degrees only to either be unemployed or work in a job where they’re overqualified.
Beyond fairy tales: Usually, most movies end with people from two religions fighting against all odds to get married. But what happens when they are settled into their lives? We rarely ever see the happily-ever-after or just the regular lives of these couples. To see what her parents Faiza and Shekhar Kashyap have built for themselves is not only heartwarming but also gives hope for the future!
Bridging the generation gap: Parents and children often have differing opinions on relationships, marriage, class, and everything in between. The journey of the Kashyaps is a sweet, wholesome one where they figure out how to bridge these gaps with thoda empathy, forgiveness, and acceptance by both sides!
So don’t forget to tune into ‘Family Aaj Kal’, live on Sony LIV from 3rd April onwards!