5 Sustainable Smartphones to Help You Celebrate Earth Day Responsibly

Nokia X30 5G
5 Sustainable Smartphones to Help You Celebrate Earth Day Responsibly

As Earth Day approaches, it’s important to consider how our everyday choices can impact the environment. One area that often gets overlooked even when we make Sustainable switches is our smartphones. With their short lifespan and constant need for charging, smartphones can contribute to electronic waste and energy consumption. However, there are sustainable smartphones available in the market now that offer a more eco-friendly alternative. In this listicle, we’ll introduce you to 5 sustainable smartphones that can help you celebrate Earth Day responsibly.

●        Nokia X30 5G

The Nokia X30 has finest look with its recycled aluminium frame, which is 100 % recycled aluminium frame with a 65% recyclable plastic back. It offers a nice in-hand feel, which you will be hard-pressed to find in any other eco-friendly smartphone out there. With its flat edge and relatively thin design, the handset is easy to handle. The handset also promises to offer “the best PureView photography” with its “best-ever low light imaging.” 

●        Nokia G60 5G

Nokia G60 5G is specifically built to last longer, using 60% recycled plastic. It has 2 years of warranty and OS upgrades, so you can rest assured your Nokia G60 5G remains cutting-edge. Having premium looks it also delivers premium performance. Plus, the 6.58” FHD+ 120 Hz display gives you a super-smooth everyday smartphone experience, all at an easy-to-hold size. With Nokia G60 5G HMD Global focuses on reducing environmental impact, Nokia G60 5G is built from a high percentage of recycled materials bringing longevity and durability promises to many.

●        Fairphone 4

The Fairphone 4 is a sustainable smartphone that’s designed to be easily repairable, with modular parts that can be easily swapped out if they break or need upgrading. It’s also made with responsibly sourced materials and has a longer lifespan than most smartphones, helping to reduce electronic waste.

●        Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung has made eco-conscious efforts with this smartphone. The entire product life cycle from sourcing, production, distribution, and product use to disposal and recycling. Galaxy S23 Ultra has garnered UL’s ECOLOGO certification and Carbon Trust’s Carbon Footprint certification. This certification implies that a product has a reduced environmental impact based on environmental performance criteria throughout its life cycle, and production process, including energy reduction, environment, manufacturing, and operations.

●        Realme GT 2

Realme GT 2 Pro has a sustainable design, the company claims that the back cover on the smartphone uses a bio-polymer material that serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil raw materials that contribute to global warming. 

These are just a few examples of sustainable smartphones that can help you celebrate Earth Day responsibly. By choosing a sustainable smartphone, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support companies that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.