5 trends that are shaping consumer behaviour amid COVID- 19: Google Study


Google has released a new report from Google highlights showing the 5 key trends that describe how consumer buying behaviour is changing during these pandemic times.

Google has released new research from Google highlights designated to help marketers tackle the changes happening amid the global lockdown.

More than four billion people on the planet are staying home because of the lockdown and this has led to a significant change in the online behaviour of consumers says Google.

Google’s research highlights the major five trends that describe how the purchasing behaviour, interests, and expectations of the consumers have been changed.

The major five trends listed in the report by Google include:

  1. Consumers have been using Google more often
  2. Consumers are using more than one device to access the internet
  3. Consumers are adjusting their routines while giving priority to family relations
  4. Consumers have been creating and fostering relations virtually through digital platforms
  5. Consumers are doing their mental and physical care themselves through the help of apps such as Nike training club, Cure Fit, etc.

As consumers have been staying indoors and logging in through multiple devices the content watched by consumers in the US has increased to more than 60%. The content viewing by consumers has skyrocketed since the global shutdown and subscription of customers to paid OTT platforms has also increased. 

It is found in a study by Nielsen data that Americans are watching nearly 12 hours of media content a day.

Consumers are also found to search for information to meet essential needs like online grocery shopping and grocery delivery which are found to have increased to 23% this year in the US alone. Consumers are also watching more of cooking channels and trying out new recipes through YouTube.

As people have been staying indoors, they are having time for self-development, they are spending more time to strengthen their psychological and physical needs. People have been using apps such as Cure Fit and Nike training club for these purposes. Also, consumers are spending time to learn through digital learning platforms.


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